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Something that annoys you or is difficult is troublesome. Literally it means something that gives you trouble.
EX: Jen's dog is really troublesome. He's always getting into the rubbish and making a mess, and sometimes he even bites her friends. She really should train him better.
EX: Many residents believe that partying tourists have become a very troublesome part of their city's life, and now support new regulations on drinking and smoking for foreign visitors.
We often make a compound noun with trouble to describe troublesome or difficult things, such as car trouble or knee trouble. When you do or say something that causes someone to be angry with you, you are in trouble with them. And, for example, children who are being punished for misbehavior are also in trouble.
EX: My mom was going to come visit me in Edinburgh, but we decided to just meet at our relatives' in Dublin instead. She has knee trouble so walking up and down hills on cobblestone streets is pretty hard for her.
EX: I really need to apologize to Tammy before we go to her dinner party this weekend. I forgot that her sister's birthday was last weekend and I just didn't show up, so I think I'm in trouble with her.


Someone who often falls, drops things, or bumps into things is clumsy. We might generally say it's a person who is physically awkward. Something that is poorly made or poorly done can also be called clumsy.
EX. Erin can be a bit clumsy. She tries her best to do a good job, but she often stumbles and breaks the glasses she's trying to carry.
EX: These chairs are really clumsy. This is the third one that has broken just because someone sat down on it quickly.
A person who is very clumsy is sometimes called a klutz. It's kind of rude to call someone else a klutz, but you can jokingly refer to yourself as a klutz when you stumble or knock something over. A way to describe someone who is clumsy with their hands is to say they are all thumbs.
EX: I'm sorry I keep bumping into you all night. I'm not very good at walking through crowds like this, and really, I'm kind of a klutz.
EX: Sean keeps dropping the trays of food. I realize he hasn't been waiting tables very long, but I'm beginning to think he's all thumbs!
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