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Most commonly, threaten means to make vocal threats usually involving harm or bad consequences to another person. A threat is a declaration by one person to do some harm to another.
My mother threatened to stop me going to the Taylor Swift concert unless I finished my university essays and posted my applications by Friday.
In West Side Story, the Jets and the Sharks, rival gangs in New York City, made threats against each other in an effort to control their territories.
A triple threat is someone who is an expert in three different fields or an expert in three different aspects of the same field. Under threat of is an idiom that describes the condition that must be present to make someone take some action or make a statement.
Sam is a triple threat on the basketball court. He passes with great accuracy, he never misses a foul shot, and he makes every three¬point shot he attempts.

Under threat of suspension from school, Lisa finally revealed the names of the girls who had bullied the new girl.


The word handwriting means writing something by hand, usually in script. The word refers to a person’s specific style of writing by hand.
My teacher's handwriting is perfect. It is so proper that she offers a reward for copying it beautifully.
People say that doctors' handwriting is messy and unreadable. Some try to refute this by writing slowly and neatly.
Handwriting on the wall is a popular expression used to talk about a premonition, or vision of the future. The vision is based on what is happening in a current situation.
When I saw my teacher's face, the handwriting was on the wall. Her frown told me that I had not got a good mark in the exam.
They have been going out together happily for several years so the handwriting is on the wall. They will be married in the near future.

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