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Talking about the present

Lisa goes to a stage school two evenings a week. Sara usually gets home from schoot at 4:30pm but at the moment she’s rehearsing for the film in the evenings.
She often has lunch in the canteen but now she’s filming durino her lunch breaks.
At the moment she’s missing acting lessons bacuse she’s working on the film.

Joe plays lead guitar in a band and often gigs on Wednesday evenings.
He can’t do that at the moment because he’s rehearsing for the film ( school projects film).
He sometimes goes to the gym at lunchtime, but he hasn’t got time for that either. Dan loves football, too, and usually plays on Saturdays.
But that’s impossibile as well, because he’s acting at weekends.
He thinks acting is a fun thing to do – and he likes his new friends.

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