Video appunto: Symptoms, sings and past tenses
Symptomps/complaints: problems reported to the doctor; any subjective evidence
of disease experienced and described by the individual (ex: anxiety, fatigue, pain)
può percepirli solo il paziente e non sono misurabili
Sings/findings: indicators of a problem that the doctor finds upon examination or may be detected by someone other the patient (ex.
Bloody nose, exterior wound, high blood pressure).
Sono visibili e misurabili
Potrebbero essere entrambi
Sings often indicate symptoms: a patient may scratch his or her arm (sign) because he or she feels itchy (symptom).
Walk unaided=senza aiuto, assisted=support umano, with an aid=con un device (stampella)
Usare past o ing per dire cose in manierea polite
S per british, z American
C/o=complains of, lamentarsi di
To present=to go to the doctor
Health=stato of the body
Past tenses
Il past simple si utilizza per azioni o eventi completamente conclusi o per eventi che hanno interrotto delle azioni in corso (I was lifting a box when I fell over). Infine si può usare per descrivere una serie di eventi consecutivi.
Past perfect (had+past participle): for an action that had occurred in the past before another later action in the past (indicated with past simple).
Past continuous (was/were+ing form of the verb) for something that was happening when another event took place (I was riding my bycicle when I fell and injured my knww)
Past perfect continuous (had been+ing form of the verb): for actions that had been had been happening continuously for some time in the past (focus on duration, repetition) (my mother had been feeling dizzy for days before shw was hospitalized).