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The word surpass means to move past in amount or extent. In this case it is a synonym for exceed.
Ex: My brother surpassed the number of donations collected by any other member of his rugby team. I believe he will win a prize!
Ex: My grades surpassed the expectations that my parents gave me. I definitely did not let them down this year.
The word surpass also means to be better than or superior to. In this case, it is also a synonym for exceed.
Ex: Bill's time in the race surpassed those of the other runners at the track meet. He is by far the best runner we have.
Ex: Our World History professor surpasses all of his students when it comes to world knowledge and travel.

Go Beyond

The phrase go beyond means to move farther on from or out of reach of someone or something.
Ex: I told the girls not to go beyond the rubbish bin in the driveway. It is fine to wreak havoc in our front garden but not in the street.
Ex: Jane's writing goes beyond my understanding. All those technical terms are so difficult to understand. My brain feels as if it's going to explode!
The phrase go beyond can also mean to move past. In this case, it refers to superiority over someone or something.
Ex: My father's wisdom goes beyond all others. I listen to his advice, and I plan to lean on him for a long time to come.
Ex: Janet's dance ability goes beyond anyone that I have ever seen. She can set alight any stage she steps onto.
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