Video appunto: Screenshot and Shortcut


A screenshot is an image of what appears on your computer display at the moment. It can be "captured" in several different ways and saved as an image file or printed.
Ex: The software program would take a screenshot of what he was doing on the computer every hour so that his boss could keep track of how he was working.

Ex: My children like to capture screenshots of their favourite characters in their computer games, and print them out.
A screen is a flat space on an electronic device where data is displayed. Screens are found on devices such as televisions, computers, and smartphones. The word screen can appear in many compound nouns. For example, a screensaver is a picture that appears when the computer is on but has not been used for a time. Many people like to use screensavers for decorations. They can be pictures of nature or family members, or have some type of animation or text. Or a screenplay is a play written for movies or television.
Ex: Rachel has a beautiful picture of a beach with white sand and clear blue water as her screensaver. It helps her to feel relaxed and happy when she starts up her computer.
Ex: Kevin wrote a brilliant screenplay that was accepted by a big Hollywood producer, who will make a movie out of it next year. He hopes it will be a great success.


A shortcut is a link that goes to a program on the computer or to a website. You can create shortcuts and save them to a folder, the start menu, the desktop or anywhere else on the computer.
Ex: Our son Paul had so many shortcuts to his favourite games on the desktop, we had to ask him to remove some of them so that we could put some of our own on there.
Ex: The teacher made shortcuts to all the educational websites she liked on the classroom computers so the students could find them easily during their computer time.
In its original usage, a shortcut is a faster way of getting somewhere. It can be used literally or figuratively.
Ex: If you're going to the Webster's house, you should take the shortcut through Brooklands Park; that will get you there much quicker.
Ex: My mother showed me a shortcut in making the scalloped potato recipe. She first heats the potatoes in the microwave, and then boils them.