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To rush is almost synonymous with to hurry, or to move or act quickly. When you rush a person, you pressure them to do something faster, though a bit more strongly or more rudely than hurrying them, even. When you rush a task or a job, you probably do a poor job because you were trying to finish fast.
Ex: Yolanda told us not to rush her. She had just got out of the shower and would be putting on her make-up and clothes as soon as she could.
Ex: I was rushing to the store so I could get there before they closed at 11. All the other stores are quite far, and no one sells wine after 11 anyway, so I really wanted to make sure I got there fast.
Another word for be in a hurry, which is a bit stronger, is be in a rush. An experience that is very exciting and perhaps a bit dangerous, which causes a release of adrenaline in the brain, such as a ride on a roller-coaster or speeding on a motorcycle, can be also called a rush.
Ex: Rita saw her friends on the café terrace sipping some beers. She wanted to stop and say hi, but she knew it would end up being a long chat and she was really in a rush. She had a lot to do.
Ex: Erin went skydiving last weekend. She went up in her friend's plane and jumped out with his parachute and everything. She said it was a real rush.


Velocity is an official term for speed or how fast something is moving. The word velocity is usually used in relation to mathematics problems, physics or engineering, whereas the word speed is more common in everyday use or talking about driving, walking, etc.
Ex: I can barely remember my calculus class now, but I used to be able to figure out the velocity at which a liquid leaves a container by solving some equations.
Ex: Meteors fly through space at a very high velocity. If a large one hit the Earth, it would cause a lot of damage.
In economics, the velocity of circulation or velocity of money is the rate at which money moves from one person to another in the economy.
Ex: Although economists used to focus only on GDP as an economic indicator, they have realized that other measurements, such as the velocity of circulation, tell a lot about the strength of the economy.
Ex: Dr. Said is probably going to get a position in the Economics department this year, as he's publishing another paper on his new equation for calculating the velocity of money.
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