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The word rind refers to the rough, thick outer layer that some fruits have. It is usually removed before eating. Other foods, such as cheese, can also have a rind.
Ex: Lemon rind can be grated and added to some recipes for a bright citrus flavor. Your dish will be the envy of any chef.
Ex: I will never forget the time my little sister tried to eat a piece of melon with the rind still on it. I cut it off and showed her the appropriate way to eat it.
The word rind can also refer to the bark of a tree.
Ex: That tree's rind is so thick and gnarled that I imagine it is over one hundred years old. I hope the city will not follow through with its plan to remove it.
Ex: Get a foothold in the rind before you get too high, and do not go beyond the top branch! That is the only way to prevent falling out of the tree.


The word peel refers to the outer, protective layer of some types of fruits or vegetables.
Ex: The peel of my banana is not bright yellow anymore. The fruit inside is apt to be mushy or rotten inside.
Ex: I eat apples with the peel still on them, but I always remove them for my little brother. Sometimes I even boil them to make apple sauce.
The word peel can also be an action word that describes how someone removes the outer, protective layer of fruit. It can also mean to separate any outer layer from something else, such as paint from a car.
Ex: Can you peel my orange for me? I have the tendency to rip into the juicy fruit inside, and I want it neatly removed.
Ex: I would like to peel the nail polish from my fingernails. My mother does not appreciate the bright blue colour.
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