Video appunto: Pattern and Examination


A pattern is a person or thing used to imitate or copy into something else. A pattern can also describe something that happens repeatedly, or over and over again.
Sarah started sewing scarves for her friends last year. She uses the same pattern for each one so they all look the same and no one gets jealous.

Coffee is one of my favorite things in the world. My pattern is to buy a tall iced latte every morning on my way to work.
When something happens repeatedly or in a pattern, it is called habitual. This means it happens again and again over a certain period of time. When a person does something repeatedly, they do that thing habitually.
John is such a hard worker, but he is habitually late for work. He comes into the office at least 20 minutes late every day.
Caleb loved drinking Coke in the afternoon, but his doctor told him not to make it habitual. Too many fizzy drinks can be unhealthy for the body.


Examination is another word for test. Examination is often shortened to exam. Examine is the verb form, and it means to look at closely.
The SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test, is an examination of a student's knowledge in math, reading, verbal, and writing skills. A majority of colleges in the United States still require applicants to submit SAT scores in order to be considered for admission.
CSI is one of my favorite television shows. I love to watch the crime scene investigators examine the area for evidence.
A physical examination occurs at your doctor's office. He or she will weigh and measure you as well as take your pulse and blood pressure. A medical examiner, usually a doctor, is the official who examines victims of suspicious death or murder in an effort to determine cause of death.
My physical examination last month revealed that I have gained ten pounds. I should examine my food choices more carefully.
A medical examiner is like a great detective. She must use clues to solve the mystery surrounding an unexplained death.