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Past simple: regular verbs


We use the past simple for:
- actions which happened or finished at a definite or state time in the past
we left the house at 7.30 pm.
- action which happened repeatedly in the past but do not happen any more. In this case, we can use adverbs of frequency (alweys, often, usually, etc.)
-a ction which happened immediately one after the other in the past.

The expressions we use with the past simple:
Yesterday, last night/ year/ monday, etc, a month/ two years/ three years, etc. Ago, in 1960, etc
Princes Diana died in 1997
Per i verbi iregolari si usa la 3 colonna del paradigma

I walked
You walk -ed
He walk -ed
She walk- ed
It walk -ed
We walk- ed
You walk -ed
they walk -ed

I didn’t walk
You din’t walk

Did I walk?
Did you walk?

Short answers:
Did I/ you/we/ ect. Walk...?
- yes, I/you/we etc. Did
- no, i/you/we etc didn’t
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