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Past Continuous: uses

1. It is used to talk about temporary actions from the past. Past Continuous suggests that an event
was in progress around a particular time in the past.

Ex: I was hoping my new neighbor was friendly, but when I went to welcome her to town, I felt she 
was being very rude when she yelled at me to go away.

ex: At daylight yesterday around six o'clock in the morning, she was already working even though she 
wasn't feeling well.

 2. You can use Past Continuous to describe the setting of a story told in the past. For the main
action of the story, however, use Past Simple.

Ex: It was raining lightly and the skies were turning grey. It wasn't looking like a very nice day. Then
all of a sudden, a rainbow appeared and the weather cleared.

 Similarly, Past Continuous is used to show you have changed your mind.

Ex: Steven was going to study at Oxford, but he decided on Cambridge instead because they gave him
a scholarship.

Ex: Layla was caring for elderly people in their homes. She was feeding them and giving them their
bath. Now she is working in a hospital because the money is better.

 3. In addition, Past Continuous can be used to make a polite request, usually with the words
wondering or hoping.

Ex: I was wondering if you would come forward and volunteer to work the extra shift this week. Alan
was planning on working, but now he is too busy.

Ex: My mom was hoping you could feed our cats again this week. We are going on vacation and need
someone to care for them.
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