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Odd describes someone or something that is out of the ordinary. An oddity is something outside of what would be expected in a situation.
Ex: A thunderstorm in January is an odd occurrence, and, when it happens during a storm, it is called thundersnow.
Ex: A four-leaf clover is such an oddity that to discover one in a field of clover is considered to be good luck.
Odds refers to the chance of something happening. Bucking the odds means to take a chance of succeeding when events or conditions seem to be against success.
Ex: Even though the odds of my winning the lottery are astronomical, I can't resist buying tickets every week. After all, someone has to win.
Ex: Even though he was only 5 feet, three inches tall, Muggsy Bogues bucked the odds when he played successfully as a goalkeeper in the Premier League, where being very tall is an advantage.

Off The Wall

Off the wall is very unconventional or unusual. A person exhibiting bizarre behavior is said to be off the wall. Bouncing off the wall is an expression that means someone is very excited.
Ex: Designer Betsey Johnson's fashions are described as off the wall because they are whimsical and heavily embellished with lace and spangles.
Ex: When my brother received his acceptance letter from Cambridge University, he was so excited that he was literally bouncing off the wall.
There are many phrases using the word off. Off one's rocker is an expression that means insane or crazy. If you have gone off the track, you have veered away from the topic under discussion.
Ex: My mother must be off her rocker if she thinks, even for one minute, that I'm going to wear her old dress to my senior prom.
Ex: It's really easy to get my English teacher off track. All we have to do is mention any show on HGTV, and she talks in detail about the latest episode of House Hunters.
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