Video appunto: Burn and Spot


A burn happens when your skin comes into contact with something very hot like an open flame or a hot pan. Based on how bad the burn is, it is called a first, second, or third degree burn. To burn is to consume by fire. You burn wood in a fireplace or fuel oil in a furnace to produce heat for your home. You can also be burned by the sun, or get a sunburn, if you stay out in it too long.

Ex: Charlie suffered second ¬degree burns when he ran back into the burning building to rescue a dog. He had to be treated for his injury at the hospital.
Ex: Susan's visit to Florida in March did not end well. She stayed in the sun too long on the first day so she had to stay inside to treat her burn with cool baths.
Burn can be used figuratively in many ways. You can be burned in a business deal when your partner takes the money and runs. You can even burn with anger, which means that you are extremely angry.
Ex: I burn with anger when my English teacher fails to give clear directions for an assignment. It prevents me from doing my best work.
Ex: Ralph got burned in a business deal when his partner spent all of their money on a luxury vacation. Ralph had to sell his house to pay back the bank loan.


A spot is a small blemish on the skin or other surface like a pimple or a stain. A spot can also be a place such as a spot in line. As a verb, spot means to mark or stain with spots or it can also mean to notice something.
Ex: Before today's immunizations, most children got the measles. Much of the skin on their bodies was covered with small red spots.
Ex: Donna's little brother loves playing outside in the rain. When he goes back inside, his pant legs are spotted with mud.

Spot appears in a lot of idioms. For example, if something hits the spot, it is satisfying because it is exactly what you want or need. Someone might ask you to spot them five dollars, which means they want you to lend them the money. Another phrase with this word is in a tight spot, which means you find yourself in a problem you can't solve.
Ex: Dan and Jill were chilled after a long day of downhill skiing. Cups of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire really hit the spot.
Ex: Marge found herself in a tight spot at the grocery store when she discovered that she didn't have enough money to pay for her order. The man in line behind her spotted her the ten dollars she needed.