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A little modernity in a city of art

A brand-new shiny glass building now stands in front of our historic Gothic cathedral. Doesn’t it look incredibly out of space and time?
They built it in merely a few months and it was finished last week. It stands high above the level of the nearby buildings and doesn't look anything like any of them. It’s the only round in shape and it’s fully made of glassy, enormous windows. The contrast with the stony or pastel colored building nearby is strikingly obvious.
Everyone is talking about it and there are different opinions emerging from the crowd. Some people just turn their head like it was a punch in the eyes; others don’t voice their thoughts but show clear disapproval on their faces. A group of elderly people argues that such a modern building in this part of town marks the beginning of a changeover, a new era, where the old needs to be dismissed to make space for the eccentric new generation. And sure enough, the youngest people among the crowd find it funny looking, if not mesmerizing, and like the mirrored shapes on its windows.
But the best reactions are those of the tourists, who focus their photo-cameras towards the cathedral trying to catch that angle that best depicts the Gothic edifice and its reflection on the glass behind.

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