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Hi ……………… !!!!
I’m ………………, do you remember me? I’m your old classmate! I was pleased when I find your name, here, on Facebook and so I decided to drop you a line.

How are you? I hope you are well. Last time we met we were at the primary school, when we were ten. What are you doing now and Which class are you attending this year? I remember you wanted to be an architect. I have chosen Liceo Classico. I have realized the idea that I have always told you, do you remember? And your brother? Does he still make you angry? Where is he now? I know that he would like to go to America! Your parents, how are they? I remember that you love very much doing sports and so what kind of sport do you practise now?

I’m fine. I’m a bit tired because I always have a lot of homework to do! We have to do about three or four Latin and Greek versions a week: and so we are sometimes all exhausted. But... I always have some free time to do some sports like tennis and swimming with my friends. Are your friends kind? In my classroom there are only five boys and nineteen girls! At the beginning it was terrible but now it’s better, they are all very kind.

As for my family they are all well and we do some trips abroad, every summer: we went to Umbria, then to Austria, to Croatia and this summer to France and to England. My sister goes to the primary school and she is the same nice girl you have known.
Well.....I have to go now but you “must” write back: I’d love to hear your news......
Regards. .....................

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