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A jail is a place of incarceration where people may be held after an arrest, or to serve a sentence that will usually last not more than a year.
Ex: The sheriff that operated the local jail was extremely proud of its reputation for never having been escaped from.
Ex: The shopkeeper agreed to drop the charges against the young woman, since it was her first offense, but she still spent several nights in jail awaiting the decision.
To bail someone out of jail is to put up money that serves as a guarantee that the accused will return to court to stand trial.
Ex: The frustrated business owner had had to bail his wild employees out of jail several times, just to be able to assemble a work crew!
Ex: In order to be able to attend his brother's wedding, the black sheep of the family had to be bailed out of jail, where he was being held after a pub brawl.

Detention Center

A detention center is a holding place for people awaiting trial. Often, but not always, a detention center is associated with political prisoners or illegal immigrants who are being detained until a hearing can be arranged.
Ex: The governor took a tour to a local detention center in the midst of the border crisis, where he met with several detainees.
Ex: A new detention centre is going to be built this spring in order to house refugees from countries experiencing political upheaval.
The term detention center is also used to describe a place where young people are incarcerated, as in a juvenile detention center.
Ex: Rather than be combined with adult prison populations, social welfare advocates suggest that youth offenders be segregated in juvenile detention centers.
Ex: Jill's lawyer will arrive at the juvenile detention centre on Saturday morning to interview her about the details of the crime and arrest.
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