Video appunto: Irrational and make A Deal


The word irrational describes a behavior or idea that does not make any sense or goes against reason. Irrational is a synonym for the word illogical.
Julie was so tired driving home from work that she made the irrational decision to buy a tub of ice cream. She knew it would melt in the hot sun before she could get it home and put it in the fridge.

Before going away to college, Lucas told his son Mitch to choose his new friends carefully. He said to avoid making friends with anyone irrational because they could get him into trouble.
While the word irrational describes behavior that does not make sense, a rational person is someone who always makes logical or smart decisions. Therefore, someone who is a rational person would always think before they act.
While Mike and Kelly were worried about their son going on her first camping trip, they knew he was a rational person. So, they knew he wouldn't do anything that would cause himself harm.
Any rational person would buy insurance for their car. It is important to protect yourself in the case of an accident and in any case driving without insurance is illegal in the United Kingdom.

Make A Deal

To make a deal with someone means to strike a bargain with someone, in other words, to come to an agreement with someone about a financial or commercial exchange.
Your company is interested in expanding into this region, and my company is in need of another investor, so let's make a deal so both companies can achieve their goals.
Once the workers threatened to strike, the company made more of an effort to make a deal with union leaders. The company knew that a strike would be too costly at that time to risk it.
To sweeten a deal means to make a business transaction more appealing by adding something extra or otherwise increasing the value of the transaction.
The management company offered two months of free rent to possible tenants who were considering signing a year¬long lease as a way to sweeten the deal.
I was on the fence about buying the car, but the salesman sweetened the deal by offering 10% off, so I couldn't turn it down.