Video appunto: Headquarters


The headquarters of a company or corporation is its administrative center and the place where top management officials work. In military terms, a headquarters is the location from which the commanding officers command.
Tom looked around glumly. Corporate headquarters had just sent out a memo indicating that about one third of the workforce in IT would be laid off by Christmas because of a budget shortfall.
He was already worried.
The Officer told his troops that new orders had come down from headquarters, indeed, from General Sir Nick Carter himself, that it was finally time to pull back from the current offensive.
There are several synonyms for headquarters, which can be used in business situations, military situations, or in everyday life. One is home base, which comes from baseball. Another is central command. That one is more likely to be used in military situations, but not exclusively.
Once we had enough members in our new bird watching club, we realized that we needed a home base. We chose Lyndon's house, because he had easy access to a forest full of birds.
This morning, central command issued a memo that said, in essence, that it's been such a good year for business that everyone will be getting a 10% bonus!That is so fabulous! I will use that money to buy a new smartphone.