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1: Why I like it
It’s my favourite city and I think it’s beautiful. I have studied English for 5 years and I have loved it since the first day. I have read a saying: “When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life”. I really agree will it because it’s the most cosmopolitan city in the world. There are so many historical places, museums and shops to visit that everyone can find a place that he or she will find interesting. I’ve never been to London but I know a lot of people who have been to and told me it’s a fantastic city. I think I’ll probably go to London after school when I’ll be 18.

2: Getting around London
It’s a tourist attraction with the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the famous Big Ben. It’s the colloquial name for the Clock Tower. The thing about London which I like is the large number of parks. A famous park is the Regent’s Park that offers fun. Inside the park there is a boating lake, a restaurant and benches around. My favourite landmark is the London Eye, a hunge wheel on the River Thomas.

3: Means of transports
You can travel easily and quickly across the city on the underground. Know as “The Tube”. The Tube goes to every part of London. It’s cheeps and quick. One of the most famous English features is the double-decker bus. My teacher told me English people queue up when for a bus.

4: Things to do
I think London is a great place for entertainment as big concerts, theatres, cinemas, sport events. In fact the English people often go to the theatre as The Globe and Royal National theatre. I love theatre but I prefer going to the cinema. I hope one day I’ll go to Tate Modern, the most popular pollovy of modern art in the world. I’m really interested in art and I know Tate is where you can see the best of British art. I’d rather see works by Monat, Picasso, and Pollack.

5: Shopping
And of course the shopping is great. There’s everything from departments stores like Harrods to Camden market. I’d like to visit Oxford Street because there are a lot of good steps. I love the latest fashion and I have always followed the trends set by singers and film stars.

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