Video appunto: Frost and Icy


Frost is a very thin layer of ice. It often forms on grass, trees or cars overnight when dew freezes, or on items that sit in a freezer for a long time.
When I woke up this morning, I knew winter was coming. There was frost all over the garden. It had even begun to kill the flowers.
Hannah pulled some steaks out of the freezer.
They had been in there for quite some time, so they were covered in cool, white frost.
Defrosting is the process of turning off your freezer to remove the ice and frost that has built up inside. When you take some food out of the freezer, like a piece of meat, and wait for it to warm up and no longer be frozen, you are defrosting it. A synonym for defrost in this sense is de¬ice.
Sean can't come out tonight. He still has to defrost the freezer. So he's got to take all the food out, let the ice melt, clean it out, then put it all back. It'll take a long time.
Mom said that there is some soup in the freezer. It's frozen, of course, but if we get hungry, we can put it in the microwave to defrost it.


Something that has ice on it is icy. When the weather is very cold, the roads often become icy.
My mom warned us to drive very carefully today. It's been raining this evening and the weather is quite cold so the roads are probably pretty icy.
During the day it's not too cold because the sun is shining and some of the snow even melts. But at night, all that water turns to ice and the roads become icy and very dangerous.
When there is a layer of ice on the road that is dark and very hard to see we call it black ice.
Sara was driving home last night when she hit a patch of black ice and lost control of her car. She drove right off the road and into a mailbox.
It's very dangerous to drive when it is rainy and very cold because you never know when some of the rain might freeze on the road and create some black ice, which is difficult to see and very slippery.