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Dialogue: An excursion to the Slieve League cliffs

Paul: It’s beautiful looking down from up here.
Julia: You’d better not go too near the edge. The grass is slippery.
Paul: I know. But don’t be scared. Come here and have a look. There’s a mist over the sea. It’s like being above the clouds.
Julia: Yeah, you’re right. I think we should take some pictures. Let’s do it this way. You lie down on your stomach and I’ll hold your feet.
Paul: You needn’t hold my feet. I can’t fall if I’m lying down. There’s boat right below the cliff. It’s so small from here. It looks like a nutshell.
Julia: Where? I can’t see anything.
Paul: You should come nearer.
Julia: No, I won’t. it’s too scary.
Paul: Kneel beside this rock and put your arms around it. You’ll feel safer that way.
Julia: Uh huh… It’s beautiful. But we’d better go back. Look those storm clouds.
Paul: All right.
On the way back
Paul: Listen!
Julia: What?
Paul: Can’t you hear it? I think it’s somebody crying for help.
Julia: You’re right. It’s coming from down there.
Paul: Hey, there! We can’t see you. Are you hurt?
Boy: I slipped down the slope. I… I think I’ve broken my leg.
Julia: It sounds like a young boy’s voice. Listen… you’d better not try to more. We’ll go and get help. Just don’t move, right?
Boy: Yeah.
Paul: I think I should go the village ad quickly as possible.
Julia: I’ll come with you.
Paul: No, you’d better stay here and talk to the boy. We mustn’t leave him on own. Otherwise he might panic.
Later on
Paul: That boy’s lucky to be alive.
Julia: Yeah. He got away with a broken leg and a few cuts. He’ll recover in a month or two.
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