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Essay: What are your carrer goals?

Personally my career goals are more than one. Mainly there are two at this moment of my life. My first goal is to cover a vocation position job in a museum or cultural institution in Italy as an assistant curator, assistant curator or employer in Cultural Heritage. The second is teaching swimming.

Concerning the first, I would like to cover this type of job position because I had have a great passion already when I was a child in primary school. In fact, I studied History of Art and Conservation at Venice University and now at this moment I am studying a PHD “ Art History” and I 'm completing a scientific research about textiles dated 18 th century.
In addition, I did an internship in England as an assistant gallery, front desk information for tourist and conservation tasks like monitoring environmental for paintings in the gallery and registration of dates.

In relation to my efforts, I hope to get a professional position through some job interviews and public competitions.

The second goal is more easier to get than the first and is linked to my sport career. I wish to be came a swimming teacher after many years of swimming, training and sport competitions.
Probably I will start to attend teaching courses next September. The duration of the courses in three months and is divided in two parts : the practical part and the theory with the final exam and internship in the swimming pool included.
Initially when you have the license to teach , it is more wise that the teacher practice the teaching for the children and after some years of experience you can teach swimming for adults, Certainly is more complicated teaching to the adults than the children but at the sometime is less stressful-

Now I am continuing to study and I am waiting to start my second goal and I hope to achieve all my goals during my life.
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