Something about me

This is a short description about me in which in the first part I describe my physical appearance, my character, my likes and dislikes. In the second part of my personal description I describe also my father, my mother and my sister.
Hello, my name is Mario and my surname is Rossi and I am fifteen years old. I am tall and slim but I like eating a lot of sweets and other foods like pizza. I like doing sport and my favorite is athletics because I love running for a long time. I have many hobbies but my favorite is walk in the mountains in fact this summer I went a lot of times to do a hike in the Alps and the next summer I will go again to the Alps because it is my favorite place. I hate eating dairy products or doing ice skate. My birthday is the two of May and I was born in 1994 in the municipality of Opera. Today my family and I live in the municipality of Milan for four years in a house near the subway stop of Rogoredo. My family is composed by four people, my father, my mum, my sister and I. My dad is forty-nine years old and his name is Gianpaolo. He loves the sea and his favorite hobby is swimming. My mum is forty-six years old and her name is Sara and she likes meeting new people. My sister is eighteen years old and she is messy and sometimes spiteful, but I love her.

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