Video appunto: Courage and Come Forward


It is said that you have courage when you are willing to do things that are difficult even though you are frightened. Courage suggests you show mental or moral strength.
Ex: You know, it took tremendous courage for Ronald to come forward and let me know about how many students cheated in that exam.
If the others knew, they'd tease him, or worse. Of course, I won't let them know who told me.
Ex: Amy has never had the courage to try sushi. The idea of eating raw fish gives her a very bad feeling.
If you are trying to become more courageous for a specific purpose, you might say that you are plucking up your courage. We also talk about someone having the courage of his convictions when he backs up what he says with actions.
Ex: Jamal knew that he would need to pluck up his courage before asking Mr. Gifford for more money. Mr. Gifford had already lent him quite a hefty sum.
Ex: Many people talk loudly about how important it is to give to charity, but very few of them have the courage of their convictions and end up actually donating time or money.

Come Forward

We say that someone has come forward if they have decided to offer help or brought information to someone's attention. We say that something comes to the fore if it becomes prominent or important.
Ex: After I had my car accident, I wasn't sure how I'd get to work while my car was in the garage. That night, my cousin Billy came forward to offer me the use of his second car while mine was being repaired.
Ex: Since his humble beginnings as a young local politician, Ronald Metzger has come to the fore of local politics and is now considering standing for election as an MP.
When you propose a plan or action of some sort, you are putting it forward for everyone to think about. When it is decided to pursue that plan or action, you would say that you decided to go or move forward with it.
Ex: I knew that my idea for how to deal with employees taking Fridays off would spark a lot of debate, so I waited until the end of the staff meeting to put it forward.
Ex: A press release came out this morning, which said that the council has decided to move forward with the plan for rebuilding the secondary school over the next two years.