Video appunto: Risky and Bold


Risky describes an action or situation that involves risk or danger. To risk is to put yourself in a position where you could be injured.
Risky Business is the movie that made Tom Cruise a star. He risks his college future, his parents' home and possessions, and his father's Porsche during a wild time while his parents are on vacation.

Going to Las Vegas is a risky proposition for people with little self control. They can easily risk everything they have on the roulette wheel.
Proceed at your own risk is a warning that danger lies ahead, and you can be in danger if you continue. You can put yourself or others at risk by attempting something dangerous.
When a landslide occurred on the road to my home, the police who were directing traffic warned all drivers that they would be proceeding at their own risk as they continued on the road.
Failing to have a flu jab each autumn puts you at risk of contracting a potentially dangerous virus. If you catch flu, you put those around you at risk of getting it as well.


Bold describes someone who shows no fear in the face of danger. It can also mean imaginative when someone makes a bold move which shows that he dares to do something that most people would be afraid to do. A bold move can have greater rewards and/or bigger risks.
In a bold move, Nik Wallenda announced that he would walk on a high wire between two Chicago skyscrapers. He would finish by walking blindfolded on a wire strung between two other buildings.
Soldiers must be bold when going into combat. Showing fear in the face of battle can put others in danger.
Someone can be described as being bold as brass. In this case, brass has the informal definition, excessive self¬assurance. In a another case, a bold font is one that is very dark, and the letters are thicker, so they stand out.
My father says the only way to gain his employees' confidence is to act as bold as brass. It makes them believe he knows what he's doing.
Bold fonts serve a purpose. They let the reader know what the writer thinks is important. My brother must think everything is important because he uses only a bold font.