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The place of an airplane where sit the pilots.
Ex: A pilot's level of experience is measured by the number of hours he has spent in the cockpit. I prefer to fly with someone who has thousands rather than hundreds of hours in the cockpit.
Ex: The cockpit instruments tell the pilot how fast and how high the plane is flying. Both he and the co¬pilot must pay careful attention to them.
Sailboats also have cockpits, but they are located in the rear of the boat. The rudder that steers the boat is in the cockpit, and the captain stands or sits there to control the direction of the boat. The cockpit voice recorder saves all conversations between the pilots and air traffic controllers on the ground. The recovery of this instrument is very important in the event of a plane crash.
Ex: The winds became strong and the captain of the sailboat had to use all his strength to stay in the cockpit.
Ex: When Captain Smith was accused of falling asleep during the flight, he was able to use evidence from the cockpit voice recorder to prove his innocence.

A flap is a moveable part of an aircraft wing. Ex: The pilot lowered the flaps to reduce the plane's speed for landing. Approaching the runway at too great a speed creates a rough landing.
Ex: After takeoff, the pilot raised the wing flaps in order to gain speed. If the plane is moving too slowly, it can stall and crash.
Flap is the motion of birds' wings. Flapping their wings allows birds to fly higher or stay in the air. A flap can also be a disturbance, usually a noisy one. When someone is in a flap, he is worried or excited about something. One raises a flap when he or she disagrees with an action or a decision.
Ex: When the cat approached, the birds flapped their wings rapidly to escape. The sound of the floating wings scared the cat, and it ran away.
Ex: Mr. Brown's students raised a flap when he assigned too much reading. Their protest didn't work, so they'll just have to read instead of play.

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