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To climb is to scale something, or go up something.
Snow leopards must climb their mountainous habitats to seek food throughout the winter months, so their camouflage coats are helpful to them.
I watched the children race to the new tree house ladder, debating and arguing over who would get to climb up first.
If you are climbing the walls, you are going crazy from boredom, or feeling as if you must have a change of scenery.
After ten days in the hospital with a broken leg, the active youth was climbing the walls, and constantly pestered nurses and doctors about when he would be released.
If you feel like climbing the walls now after just one day stuck at home without a vehicle, I hope we do not truly become snowbound this winter. You will really have a hard time with not leaving the house for few days.


To boost is to lift something from below. It can also be used figuratively. In its noun form a boost is a push or encouragement.
Our guide was forced to boost several of us higher onto the rock wall so that we could get a solid footing.
Jackie's encouragement from the sidelines gave Sarah the boost she needed to complete the race when she was close to giving up.
A booster is someone who supports and aids an organization or team. An athletic booster is a person who supports an athletic team through volunteering, assistance, and fundraising.
The booster club is sponsoring a giveaway at Friday's match. All parents who contribute to the team uniform fund will get a complimentary t¬shirt with the team logo.
I would like to thank our athletic boosters, without whom this beautiful wood floor would not have been possible to purchase.

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