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Be Full Up

To be full is to eat to the point of satisfaction, to be full of food. If you say I am full, you are saying that you do not want anymore to eat. If you are too full, it means you have either eaten all you can or have overeaten, as in you are too full for dessert.
Ex: I am way too full to even think about dinner this evening after such a late lunch. Let's plan on having a simple salad around 7:30.
Ex: The chef's lobster bisque was so rich and delicious, I was full before the main course came. It is rare to find a soup that addictive.
To fill up is to eat enough to be satisfied. If you fill up on appetizers, for instance, you will not be hungry for the main course because your hunger will be already satisfied.
Ex: Make sure you fill up at lunch because the tour guide told us we will not be stopping for dinner until after 8 p.m. tonight.
Ex: Please don't fill up on junk food so that you will not want to eat dinner tonight. I made sure to include plenty of vegetables so it would be healthy.


Genius is an exceptional natural amount of ability in some area, such as science, art, music, or mechanics. A genius is the person who possesses that ability.
Ex: The genius of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, is in his ability to make his buildings blend into the natural environment rather than dominate it.
Ex: There is little debate that Stephen Hawking is the greatest genius of his generation. In fact, his book, The Theory of Everything, has been made into a film.
A stroke of genius is a very clever or original idea or task. On the other hand, a budding genius is a young person who shows great promise in some field.
Ex: Inventing the zip was a stroke of genius because it serves so many purposes better than buttons do. It makes fastening things faster and creates a better seal.
Ex: My brother is a budding musical genius. Even though he's only ten years old, he plays impressive solos at every concert during the year.
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