Aspettando la vacanza a Londra

Where will you go on holiday this year?
Well, let me tell you where I will spend it. Friday, July 3, after years expected hoping that my parents accompany me, finally with my father and my sister we are going to London!
Months before we booked to the travel agency for this trip, and I was excited! After several blackmails by my father because I had to behave myself with my sister, we were able to balance our relationship and making peace.
A few days ago I bought the suitcase and made the itinerary, now days can be counted on fingers of both hands. On the first day, once we are to London Stansted airport, we will take the bus to to get to Liverpool Street and stay at our hotel.
After placing the bag, we will take the underground to to get to Westminster, where we will admire the Big Bang and all the different shows that London offers. However,

will not fail photo and T-shirts bought there.
We will go on the London Eye (even if the price is to go up a bit 'expensive! About £ 18 per person) and admire London at night, and its illuminated streets. But obviously I will try to gain a better grasp of the approach of their culture.
I hope to spend a beautiful holiday with my family and free the mind of the negative thoughts and let me go to the pleasure!
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