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Impulse and momentum

The impulse occurs during the contact time F: average force applied during contact time. An average force is used because the force varies during contact time.
Impulse: the product of the average value of a force and the time during which it acts being a quantity equal to the change in momentum produced by a force. The greater the impulse the greater the effect on the motion of the object. Impulse may be increased by increasing the average applied force for a given contact time. By increasing the contact time for an applied force or both. There is a relation between impulse and momentum from Newton's 2 law of motion. Impulse and change in momentum: the impulse is equal to the change in momentum of the object.
Momentum is a property of a moving body that determines the lenght of time required to bring it to rest when under the action of a costant force. Result of multiplying mass of a body by its velocity.

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