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Unusual Teacher
It’s ten o’clock on Tuesday. Class 8 are having an English lesson. Paul is chewing gum. Pail’s teacher is Judy Watson. She stops him.
Judy Watson is a good teacher. Good teachers usually know when students are naughty. The unusual thing is that Judy can’t see, because she's blind. Judy Watson is 46 and she teaches English.
Judy has a guide dog named Star. She takes Star to class every day. Star helps find her way in the school. The students also help her. They always sit in the same places. She knows their voices so she knows who is talking or moving about. The students also do things in class to help. For example, they give out the books, write on the board and mark the register for her.
Judy reads the textbooks in Braille. Her husband is a social worker. He works for ten hours a day. In the evening he helps her to mark her students’ homework. Everybody loves Judy and nobody can be naughty because she hers everything.
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