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Named after Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901, and corresponds to the period covered by his long reign. They distinguished typically three phases: protovittoriana (until 1850), mid-Victorian (1850-1880, but according to some scholars, the dividing line is to be found in 1867, the year of approval of the second Reform Act), late Victorian (from 1880-1901). Especially the middle phase is considered as the golden age of English society nineteenth century, a period of equilibrium and progress during which there was a strong economic growth, a significant improvement of the living conditions of workers, the relative absence of social tensions and policies both inside and outside. In what was the background of a world based on the values ​​of self-discipline and sense of duty, on the cult of the virtues of work and family, the sense of racial superiority also the subjects of His Britannic Majesty than the rest of the world. It accompanied the achievement of the apogee of imperial power in the British Queen Victoria and found a perfect incarnation, it can be summed up in himself the spirit and culture of an era. With his moral rigor and his hypocrisy, whose excesses sometimes became cause for satire, but strengthened the position of the monarchy and represented a solid point of reference when, at the beginning and end of his reign, the town experienced serious moments difficulty.

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