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The Tudor, Stuart and Orange

The Tudors were formed by Henry VIII, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary or the Blood Mary and James VII who were both sons of Henry VII but of different mothers, married and became king and queen.

The England had a difficult time because the king and queen were Catholics and so wanted to make England a Catholic country.
This period was remembered badly by the population, for the persecutions against Protestants that Mary did. Later, they tried to solve problems by balancing Catholicism and Protestantism.

Elizabeth I was so important to her way of life, and because was the first to receive the artists in the royal courts, but also because she knew that Britain could become a great nation thanks to the colonization of other countries. After Elizabeth were the Stuart kings to rule and the first was James I and his son Charles I.

James I is remembered as the boring king and created a difficult political situation because decided to establish the power of the monarchy in England. He lived in the divine rights of kings. This created problems with parliament because the king wanted to rule without parliament. The same policy was continued by his son who believed the same principles of his father. And it is precisely during the Charles’s reign that The civil war broke out.

This war took place between two different groups: The royals who were on the side of the monarchy and was made by aristocrats and gently, and parlamentalist who were at the parliament side were composed from high and middle classes. The group of parlamentalist was commanded by Cromwell who had a very strong personality. He won against the royalist. In this period where he ruled (7-8 years) we have a republic in England with the development and spread technological, scientific etc ..

When he died, no one could take his role, so the parliament called from France Charles II who was imprisoned. Charles II, a very intelligent man, whom the court was corrupt, worked to improve the UK in terms of political and social. After Charles II and his court there was reinforcement of 2 groups: royalist and parliamentary, conservative were called Toris and whings liberals.

So after the development of these two groups we have James II, who tried to put Catholicism in England, so he was asked to resign, in a peaceful way and he accepted. This event is remembered as "The Glorious Revolution" or "Bloodness Revolution". Parliament appealed to William of Orange who married Mary II, the daughter of James II, but before becoming king and queen parliament wanted the Bill's act in 1686 that reduced the power of the king because the parliament was frightened by another monarchy.
Being able to control the tax so there was a partnership between William and the parliament. After them came the Queen Anne who was the sister of Mary II. During his reign there was the "the Union Act" which provided the union of the Scottish Parliament and English in 1707. This is because the Stuart dynasty was of Scottish origin. In this way the parliament had more power. Anna had no children and his death was succeeded by George II, who did not speak English but French so he I need the help of someone to help him in the decisions and to communicate with the people, and it is for this reason that formed the Prime Minister, who was Walpole, the father of the Gothic novel
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