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Town planning and good urbanism

Town planning Town planning is the process which guides the development of a town, its building and the roads. A town planner must have a long term vision and strategy in order to predict the future development and the needs of a town. Also he must connect the physical and the social aspects of a community. Planners are involved in decisions about the management and development of cities, villages, town and countryside. They want to balance opposite demands of housing, industrial development, agriculture, recreation, transport and the environment. In rural areas, they must ensure that development is sustainable and that the right balance of growth is achieved to preserve the countryside. The work of town planners also make a positive contribution to fight the effects of climate challenge. In a healthy town, public and private elements should balance and complement to produce a good quality of life through mixed-use design, narrow, pedestrian-friendly streets, and houses which provide a comfortable space to live in.
The modern city and the loss of human dimension The city of present become inhuman because it become bigger and there is too many pollution. The transformation of modern town influence human relationships because the cities are big and the people don't have the possibility of knowing. Ecumenopolis is a synthesis of human scale, a world city. The final goal of any urban planning is the creation of urban environment fit for its inhabitants. Zoning ordinances and master plans The purpose of zoning ordinances is regulate land use within a community. A master plan is a report that show how land should be used and about how to improve existing facilities.
It is defined a living document because it contains information of the system of the town. The ideal city The quest for an ideal city begin during the ancient Greek. Sforzinda was a mathematical ideal to create a city during the Italian renaissance. During the industrial revolution the enlightened british employer decided to change bad industrial slums with new houses with a natural aspect. The city beautiful movement was one of the most town planning movement in the 20th century. Carbonia is in Sardinia, it was built in 1936 for the workers of the mines. At the center there are Torre Littoria, today municipal tower, the church, the cinema an the space for the free time activities. Suburbia: the people built their houses in accordance to their needs and tastes. Garden city Howard create garden city in the end of 19th century. The cities were divided into smaller section surrounded by parks. Facilities are: green areas, no pollution, low density housing, rectangular shape. Garden city ideas inspired Garnier who planned a model of a modern industrial city. An example of garden city is Milano Marittima and one city near Treviso.
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