Video appunto: Anorexia and bulimia - Symptoms
The main symptoms of anorexia
The main symptom of anorexia is the relentless pursuit of thinness through self starvation and a fear of being a “normal” weight.

Other symptoms often includes:
• Severe weight loss
• distortion and misconceptions about weight and body size
• excessive exercising
• vomiting and/or purging
• isolation and loss of friends
• emotional and irritable behaviour
• difficulty in sleeping
• loss of menstrual periods (for the girls)
• perfectionism
• feeling cold, poor circulation
• growth of downy hair all over the body

Restriction of food leads to all the effects of starvation and dehydration eg inabilità to concentrate or think rationally, gastric problema, electrolyte imbalance, loss of libido, infertilità, kidney failure and osteoporosis.

The main syptoms of bulimia
Bulimia is characterised by binge-eating followed by self induced vomiting, periods of starvation and/or purging with laxatives.

Other symptoms may include:
• binge-eating large amounts of food
• vomiting and/or purging after eating
• disappering of the lavatore after meals in order to vomit food eaten
• secretive and ritual behaviours
• feelings out of control, helpless and lonely
• menstrual periods become erractic leading to infertility
• sore throat and erosion of tooth enamel caused by vomiting
• dehydration and poor skin condition
• lethargy
• emotional behaviour and mood swings
• devious deceptive behaviour
• social isolation