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The Liberty

The Liberty is a set of architectural styles with similar characteristics, which arose at the beginning of 1900 in Europe. The Liberty sought inspiration in nature, creating a new style. The movement was born in Belgium, it was diffused throughout Europe becoming the style of the new middle classes. It adopted new material like iron, glass and cement. In painting, in sculpture and in all aspects of daily life are used floral and plants. The phenomenon took different names depending on which of the Nations of birth. In France took the name "Art Nouveau" in Germany "Jugendstil" in Austria "Secessione", in Spain "Modernismo", in Great Britain "Modern Style" and Italy "Florale". The most famous architects of modernism are Antoni Gaudí, Ernesto Basile, Victor Horta and Pietro Fenoglio.

The Catalan Modernism

The most important among these movements is the Catalan modernism. It‘s an architectural style developed in Barcelona, between 1880 and 1930. Although It was developed as a architecture is current in Catalonia. This movement arose as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The modernism have been developed new architecture’s concepts and inspired by nature. Over a hundred have been the architects builders of Catalan modernist buildings.

The Art Nouveau

Another important movement of liberty is the Art Nouveau. It began to develop in 1890. The name derives from a shop in Paris, "Art Nouveau Bing", which sold items from Far East, including furniture, fabrics, carpets and various objects of art. An important point for the diffusion of this art was the Universal Exposition of 1900, held in Paris, where the new style triumphed in every field. The movement spread through other channels: the publication of new journals and the establishment of schools and workshops.

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