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They were the first inhabitants of Great Britain belonged to the Indo-European branch and they settled in Britain between 3000 and 2000 b.C. About their body we can say that they were very short, hairy and robust with black eyes, a dark skin and also hairy.
They were very primitive, in fact they lived on fishing and hunting and they picked berries and roots. Their houses were wooden huts, grouped according by a circular plant that had a sacred area in the middle and surrounded by a ditch and a henge; from here the famous stone temple called Stonehenge, that has a circular plant and a central sacred area. They had no culture because they hadn’t an alphabet but, anyway, they used to draw Graffiti that showed hunting scenes; they had a polytheistic religion that was pagan, pantheistic and fetishistic: in the sense that they worshipped all the elements of the nature, moreover they made dances around a totem or a fetish painting their bodies with blue, a holy colour for them because represented the sky they worshipped.

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