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A Ghost Story
Roxie was living in Orange Country, a little town in California. She is a pretty girl with long and blond hair and blue eyes. When she was studying at the university, she met Goerge. He is a tall boy with big brown eyes. When they were met George was working, was an engineer.
After two years Roxie answered him: “Iwant to marry you and pass with you the rest of my life” when George had asked her:”Do you want to marry me?”.
They moved to Chicago two years later they got married.
They bought an old big house. The house had very big garden and in it there was a small wood. In Chicago the y met Emily Richard. The 2 couples became friends and they started to frequent. One day Roxie and George invited the friends I n their house to dinner. During the dinner Richard and Emily told a legend. The legend told about a pretty girl. Her name was Rose and lived in the house of Roxie and Richard fifty years before. She loved playing with dolls. The day of the 12th birthday her dad presented to Rose a doll with a dark dress. Rose didn’t like the doll and threw it away. The day after the child died and when her mother found Rose she was wearing a dark dress; the dress was the same of the doll. Near Rose was found a doll with a dark dress; Rosie and the doll were found in the wood. The legend says that every year, on the 13th December, Rose’s ghost and a doll with a dark dress started in the house and playing with dolls. Roxie and George had very fear and one month later they sold the old house and they moved to Orange Country. A multinational bought the house and built in it a big factory of dolls. In Orange Country Roxie and Ricahrd lived very happy. One years later had a girl, her name was Rose.
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