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Aspasia, a foreigner emancipated

Aspasia, daughter of Axioco, was the concubine of Pericles that, although deeply in love with her, had not married and couldn't get married to her: Aspasia was born in Miletus in Asia minor, and the marriage to foreign women was banned by a decree of Pericles himself.
Having divorced from wife, Pericles lived more with his beloved Aspasia until death. About their relationship, it's landing in Athens for many reasons.
Pericles, for starters, dimostrated a love for Aspasia asserted that none of his countrymen showed his wife or woman: as told the the astonished Athenians themselves; he eventuall come to kiss her every day, while his coming out of the House and when he returns from the Agora.

But to feed gossip and legends was the diversity of Aspasia: Unlike Athenian women, who do not receive any education, Aspasia was highly culturized and maintained strong relationships with leading thinkers or philosophers, intellectuals of the age, including Socrates.
Some said that Socrates apprehended from her the discussion method of dicussion called "Socratic".

Aspasia, in short, not only mastered the art of speech, but also had an idea of the relationship between the sexes in a very different way from that of the Athenians: marriage, she said, was the meeting of two people, each of whom, in equal position, had to adapt to the needs of the other.

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