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Economy post war

The problems affect the countries directly involved in the conflict first. In this phase we have the breakdown of several empires like the Ottoman and Habsburg. The disintegration of the Habsburg empire consisting of: Austria, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia some Italian regions, raises the problematic situations in the new independent states that autodetermineranno namely Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Yugoslavia. Will these were to present the economic problems. Before the economic damage these states enjoyed a search prosperity because the political center of the empire or Austria had favored a trade based on free trade of goods through economic liberalism favored the empire thanks to the elimination of customs duties obstacles and adverse economic development. All served to make sure that the states should enjoy optimal health. After the fall of all this it was not. These were independent, they resort to protectionist economic policy rather than liberal that occurred with the raising of customs duties that made precisely the market economy more difficult, creating problems and hindering these independent states. The war has given birth in these states fear they could be suppressed again and this situation led them to quit making them become self-sufficient states, enhancing their own industries and domestic. This situation was not positive indeed worsened the economy so basically we have a regression of these countries than when they were part of the empire. As a result, an economic downturn brings the birth of other work-related problems such as unemployment which increased at a phenomenal rate in the post war. Another problem is the rise in prices of staples such as wheat and the ground. It can not feed the people, and since the applications exceed the offers increase prices. The League of Nations, an organization built by Wilson, failed to activate any economic initiative aimed at helping these weights in crisis. He was not able and did not have the resources to cope with this situation. The League of Nations as well as not having the resources, was not prepared and given that there are no funds economy is firm

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