Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American television series realizated by Vince Gilligan.

In the first season, two are the main characters: Walter White, chemistry's professor of Albuquerque and Jesse Pinkman, a drug dealer. Walter is married with Skyler and his son has cerebral palsy. After discovering that you have lung cancer, he decides to produce crystal meth with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman. Walter steals chemical equipment to the laboratory of the school and buys a camper. In this season, there are another two characters: Krazy8 and Emily with whom think they can to bargain. But, the two beat up Jesse and force him to give them the recipe. Therefore, Walter cooks a toxic gas, mixing red phosphorus with hot water and this reaction gives off "Phosphine", and they kill both.

In the second season, appears another character "Thuco", whit whom Jesse and Walter are trying to do business, but soon he will prove to be violent and out of his mind. They are scared of Thuco, in fact, Jesse wants to shoot him before kills them, but Walter has a better idea: he prepares the "Ricin": a deadly poison that Walter wants to put in meth. The episode opens with a gang of Mexican musicians who tells the adventures of Heisenberg and later will appear other characters like: Gus Frink, Mike and Saul Goodman.

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