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In 1781 the peninsula of Yorktown the British were forced to capitulate. In 1782 they began the peace negotiations that ended in 1783 with the Treaty of Versailles. France gained nothing, Britain did not lose its primacy on maritime trade and as a colonial power. Spain received Florida from Britain .. The thirteen colonies gained independence.
Later they began to organize a new state.
This was to be a federation or a confederation. The first project of the Federal Constitution of 1777 constituted only a pact of friendship. In 1784, Congress decided to give definition to the new territories in the west. The Northwest Ordinance established the division of the territory. There was also an economic crisis healed from the federalist line. In 1787 in Philadelphia, a 55 convention delegates worked out a draft constitution. Some time later he got the definition of the United States Constitution. George Washington was elected the first president in 1789.La Constitution came into force in 1788. It shows the tasks and institutions of the new state and federal Republican and assigns the defensive powers, commercial and foreign policy and economic and financial to the central organs. Each state has its own parliament. Power is divided into:
-potere executive entrusted to a president elected every four years by a college of electors.
-legislativo was assigned to Congress, composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
-giudiziario was given to the Supreme Court which was made up of judges appointed by presidents for life.
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