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Wolfang Amdeus Mozart

Wolfang Amdeus Mozart was a great composer. He was born in 1756 in the beautiful Austrian town of Salzburg. The family were not rich but Mozart's father, Leopold, was a very good composer and musician. When Mozart was three, he tried to play the piano. He loved it.
Mozart was a musical genius. He was only five when he started to compose music. He learn to write musical notes before he wrote words. When he was six he gave his first concert and when he was eight, he wrote his first symphony.
He became famous in Salzburg and the Emperor Francis heard about him.
For many years the young Mozart composed music for the Emperor. Then he travelled and played music all over Europe. He was rich and famous.
When he was twenty-six, Mozart got married and had children. But people lost interest in him. Soon he was poor again. He didn't sleep beacause he had music in his head all the time. He was often ill. Life was very hard.
On 5th December 1791, Mozart died. He was only 35 years old. He wrote 41 symphonies, nearly 30 piano concerts and some operas. All over the world people still enjoy Mozart's beautiful music.
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