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My favorite sport is football. I’ve practiced football since I was eight years old. It makes me feel free from everything and it helps me to be relaxed. Last year I joined a new football team with which we have official matches. With this team I have already won a league and different tournaments, now we (have to wait for the new championship which begins in September.
When I get older I hope to become a professional player. To keep us in shape we go to the gym, we dance, we play basketball and football and practice other sports too, but we don’t eat healthy foods and for this reason there are also many diseases. I prefer to eat healthy food rather than junk food, because I need a healthy diet for lots of energy in order to keep up with training and for when I play the Sunday matches. The most popular sports in Italy are football, volleyball, basketball and dance, and the one which is the most followed is football. I think that in the future football won’t always be the most popular sport, probably it (2)will be basketball, because football isn’t like it used to be years ago. Nowadays footballers think only about making money, and quite often they forget that they are heroes for young children, so I believe that they should give good examples of fair play and must never show violence while playing a match. This unfortunately doesn’t always happen. In other nations, especially those in Africa track and field is the most a beautiful and practiced sport. Sports stimulates the mind and keeps the body in shape. I think that when we practice a lot of sport, it’s good (5)because the body is constantly in motion and therefore it is in shape, and it helps us in keeping young and it make us feel good about ourselves, and for me it also symbolizes freedom
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