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The Film “INVICTUS” talks about the story of Nelson Mandela, a important activist of anti-apartheid, that has
been president of South Africa from 1994. This film doesn't tell his early life but it opens with the release of
Mandela from Robben Island prison, where he stayed for 26 years as a political prisoner, in 1990. He
distinguished himself for his political activism and four years after his release, Mandela, became the first South
Africa president to be elected in a free elections (for the first time went to vote also women).
The film shows the first years of Mandela's presidency and in particular the try to bring his people together
through the universal language of sport and a united nation. Needless to say that, at that time, society of South Africa was divided into two part: the Afrikaner(the white people), and the black people; in cooperation groups shared a love for the sport but in different way.
In fact, the Afrikaner followed rugby and were a fan of Springbok, black people played football and, when they went to
stadium to see a rugby match, they sat in a poor area and followed the opposite team. So, since most Afrikaners felt they were losing their country's identity, Mandela, believing that sport could become also the solution for that problem, had the idea of unite black and white people keeping the Springbok name and using the future world cup as an example of how to surmount past apartheid of South Africa.
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