Top places in New York

Dear friends, I had a great time in New York. What did I like most in the big apple? It’s difficult to say… but click on My top 5 in New York and see what I chose: a museum, a bridge, a park, a skyscraper and a very big statue! Write your comments… and answer my questions.
American Museum of Natural History This museum contains the world’s greatest collections of dinosaurs and also some splendid exemples of Haida Indiana Art. You can see jewellery, totems and 20m long decorated canoe. Do you know where the Haida Indians lived?
Brooklyn Bridge The bridge offers a great view of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. I crossed the bridge on foot as 150,000 people did the day it was opened, on 24th of May 1883. At that time it was the first suspension bridge in the world. But do you know how long it took to build?

Central park The park is the middle of Manhattan. I went there to relax, but the park is 4 km long, so I walked a lot! Central Park is really beautiful with a lot of tall trees, lakes and ponds. I took lots of photos of squirrels running up and down the trees. But people say that you even see wild animals. Guess which animal people saw some years ago
Flatiron Building It is an old skyscraper and I like its triangular shape. It dates back to 1902 and then at 82m it was the tallest skyscraper in New York. Do you know what is the tallest skyscraper in New York today?
Statue of Liberty I took this photo from the ferry which took us to the island where the statue stands. You can see the inside structure of the statue, and the crown is open to the public. Do you know the nickname of the statue?

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