A teenager's life in Britain

Teenagers in Britain like chatting to friends on social networking sites, sending texts, sharing pictures of them or of the place where they are on their mobile phones and hanging out with their friends. They listen to music especially pop and rap, watch romantic and horror films and go shopping in big shopping centres in the centre of the cities. Lots of teenagers play computer games or video games on their own phone. Teenagers have about £ 9 a week in pocket money per week. One of teenagers’ favuorite films is The Princess Diaries and their favourite books are Harry Potter and Twilight. Many teenagers have a part time job, so some of them in the weekend do their homework and work. 15 and 16 year-old work on Saturday and during the holidays. They deliver newspapers, they work as waiters, they help the milkman, the work as shop assistants, etc... They wear similar clothes to teenagers in the other European countries (jeans, a sweater and trainers for boys; a shirt, a skirt and a pretty pair of shoes for girls), but because of the weather, most of people have a pair of wellington and a big raincoat. English teenagers aren't very different form teenagers in the world because of social networking sites, which connect all the world at the same time.

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