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Surf Safe: tips for everyone

English websites are great places to practise and learn English, watch videos or films, listen to songs and have fun!
There you can meet old friends and know new guys but if you aren't careful, you can meet somebody wrong.
Websites are usually safe. Every site’s English Coach checks his own website regularly but you have to be careful however.

But here is some advice about how to be extra-safe on the chat of each site:
1. Don’t write your family name or surname because everyone could find you, wherever you are.
2. Don’t write your telephone number or home address, even if somebody asks you! If someone asks you, don’t reply and ignore it because they don’t deserve you attenction.
3. Don’t tell anybody your password – it’s a secret! When you tell your password, you need to change profile because everyone can enter in your profile and use it in bad ways.
4. If you see a bad message or bad language tell the English Coach. Don’t reply to that person. The English Coach will read the messages and he will help you.
5. Things you write on the chat can be read by anyone because some guys can read what you have written– so if it’s private don’t write it! If you know the one who you are chatting with, maybe you know his telephone number, too. Send him a message, don’t write on the chat.
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