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British people love animals and about nine million families have pets,Pets are animals that the British generally keep in theur houses as companions. Dogs, cats,canaries an goldfish are very common pets.
Dogs are good pets but it is important to have spece for them. For example, you can keep a collie in a large house with a big garden for exercise. If you kive in a flat,you can keep a small dog like a spaniel or a Yorkishire terrier.
Cats are independent pets,so many people prefer to kepp them. But they like outside exercise too.
Birds are fine pets to keep in a small house or in a flat. They live in a cage and little space . Canaries sing and people like to listen to them. Fish are also very popular . They have one advantage compared with other pets. People can leave them for one or two days without food. If you keep them in an aquarium, it is important to have some plants there. The plants provide oxygen for the fish. Finally other popular pets in British homes are hamsters and rabbits.
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