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Esempio lettera in inglese sulla scuola

numero, nome della via o del corso, street
10100(cap) città
Italy (paese)
28 January 2011 (data)

Dear Laura,
thank you for letter, I was glad to receive it. In this letter I want speak of my school.
I go to ....(nome della scuola), in .......(numero e nome della via) street of .....(città). I attend the secondary junior school and I am in year three.
My school is a quite modern three storey building. Its front wall faces the street. The outside of my school is brown and it well preserved. The building is franked by houses and trees. The inside of my school is comfortable, tidy. Inside the main door there is a large entrance hall. My class is located on the third floor.
A long corridor leads to the classrooms. my school has a canteen, an art lab, foreign languages lab, a video room, a computer lab where students working and surfing the internet and three gyms. The classrooms are large and bright. In my class there are five windows, maps, three blackboards.
I like to go to school but I always have a lot of homework. Have you many homework’s?
My favorite subject s are math and science. I hate history because I think history is very boring and quite difficult. There are a lot of things to learn and know by heart such as dates, facts and figures. I dislike geography because I would really like to learn about countries and people by travelling. I also think that videos and documentaries are more helpful than books. Do you like geography?
I like foreign languages and I think that they are very important and interesting. In my opinion foreign languages are important because if you can speak them you can get in touch with people from other countries and know a lot of about their culture. I can speak English and French. I like to learn english to understand the word of pop songs.
I enjoy my physical education. When I go to gym I always have a lot of fun. I like playing volleyball. I can play the flute, but I’d like to learn to play the sax and transverse flute.
Which your favorites subjects?
My favorite day is Friday because I only have two hours of grammar and geography, then I have two hours of physical education, then a science and music.
I waiting for your response. Bye bye


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